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Song Title: Crooked Ass Nigga

Artist: 2Pac

Featured Artist: Stretch

Producer: The Underground Railroad

Album: 2Pacalypse Now

Certification: Gold

(Suddenly I see some niggas that I don't like)
(*machine gun fires)
(Got him)

Singer: 2Pac

A smoking-ass nigga robbed me blind
I got a TEC-9 now his smokin' ass is mine
I guess I felt sorry for the bastard, he was broke
I didn't know he smoked so I didn't watch him close
He caught me on the sneak tip, now the punk's in deep shit
Catch him on the streets, I'mma bring him to his feet, quick
Pass the clip, I think I see him comin' now
Fuck the bullshit, posse deep and let's run him down
Gots to be the first one to hit ya when we meet
Comin' quickly up the streets, is the punk ass police
The first one jumped out and said "Freeze!"
I popped him in his knees and shot him, punk, please
’Cause cops should mind they business, when we rush
Now you're pleadin' like a bitch, cause you don't know how to, hush
Now back to the smoker that robbed me
I tell you like Latifah, motherfucker give me body
One to the chest, another to his fuckin' dome
Now the shit can rest, yo tell him to leave me the fuck alone
Two very bloody bodies on the streets
A nosey ass cop and a nigga that robbed from me
Run from your backup punk, how you figure?
My finger's on the trigger for you crooked ass niggas

Crooked ass niggas
(Criminal behaviour-- criminal-- criminal behaviour)
(Suddenly I see--)

Featured Singer: Stretch

Now listen to the mack of the crooked nigga trade
With the fine criminal mind, cold rips like a blade
It's already quick steppin to the niggas with the props
And any motherfucker with the flim-flam drops to the knot
Ten o'clock, is a motherfuckin' gank move
Stretch is Uptown, clockin' weight the shit is real smooth
A nigga's tryin to play me like he know me but he don't
Sittin' on ten kis, I'mma get him, think I won't?
My nigga 2Pac, got the fuckin Glock cocked, and he's ready
When the kid, didn't even bring the weight bag, instead he
Welcomed us, into his apartment
Oh, this even better, two to the head, he's dead a clean get a-WAY!
Niggas got PAID!
And yet another sleepin' ass nigga got slayed, word up
By a crooked motherfucker named Stretch
And the T-U-P-A-C, the police can't catch

The crooked ass niggas
(Criminal behaviour)
Yeah, you don't stop!
Crooked ass niggas
(Criminal-- criminal behaviour)
(Suddenly I see, some niggas that I don't like)

Singer: 2Pac

Now I could be a crooked nigga too
When I'm rollin' with my crew, watch what crooked niggas, do!
I got a nine millimeter Glock pistol
I'm ready to get witcha at the drop, of a whistle
So make your move, and act like you wanna flip
I fire thirteen shots, and pop another clip
I bring luck, my Glock's like a fuckin' mop
The more I shot, the more motherfucker dropped
And even cops got shot when they rolled up
Best to bring a knot, or get popped, I'm a soldier
I ain't the type to fetch ya, ask Stretch, he's my witness
Smoke til I'm blitzed, fuck a motherfuckin' piss test
I'm trigger happy, try to 'tack me and I'll drop you quick
Long as I got a clip I got some shit to hit 'em with
The nigga killer I get iller when the shit gets thick
My brain flips, I start thinkin' like a lunatic
I rip shit, came equipped with a bigger crew
I thought these niggas knew, I'm a crooked nigga too

(Criminal behaviour-- criminal-- criminal behaviour)
Crooked ass niggas come in all shapes and sizes
They wear disguises, backstabbing's what they specialize in
They'll try to get 'cha, they'll sweat 'cha to get in the picture
And then they hit 'cha, son of a bitch! Now he's richer
(Criminal behaviour-- crimi-criminal behaviour)
Crooked ass nigga
(Suddenly I see, some niggas that I don't like)
(Criminal behaviour-- criminal-- criminal
Crimi-crim-criminal behaviour (haviour)-- criminal behaviour
Criminal behaviour)
(Suddenly I see, some niggas that I don't like)
(Suddenly I see, some niggas that I don't like)
(Suddenly I see, some niggas that I don't like)
(Criminal behaviour- criminal be- criminal crim--
Crim-criminal behaviour
Criminal be- crim-crim-crim-crim-crim--
Criminal behaviour-- criminal behaviour)
(Suddenly I see, some niggas that I don't like)
(*machine gun fires)
(Got him)
(Suddenly I see, some niggas that I don't like)
(*machine gun fires)
(Got him)
(Suddenly I see, some niggas that I don't like)
(*machine gun fires)
(Got him)